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Wind turbine foundations underway at Blacktoft

Wind turbine foundations underway at Blacktoft
renewables first - constructing wind turbine foundations

Renewables First – sheet piling in place to allow construction of the wind turbine foundations.

Over the last few weeks the focus of attention has been on ground excavation works and the construction of the wind turbine foundations. This is a major part of the Blacktoft Nursery scheme, given that the foundations are to be installed slightly below surrounding ground level.

Renewables First – Piling for wind turbine foundations

Steel piling being driven in for wind turbine foundations.

Renewables First – Formwork for wind turbine foundations

Steel fixing for the wind turbine foundations.

The excavations involved creating a hole roughly 14 metres across and 5 metres deep. Once the rebar is in place, more than 370 cubic metres of concrete will then be poured to form the base of the wind turbine foundations.

A central area will then be sectioned off with reinforced concrete walls, into which the base of the turbine will be secured. The area outside the sectioned area will then be back-filled and landscaped accordingly. Access to the base and inside of the tower will be via steps from above.

Other works currently being undertaken at Blacktoft Nursery include trench excavation, cable laying, and connection of LV power supply and signal cables.

It is anticipated that the wind turbine will arrive on site and be erected in mid to late November…watch this space!

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