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Renewables First hired to install large wind turbine for a farm

Renewables First hired to install large wind turbine for a farm
Renewables First to install wind turbine for a farm

Renewables First hired to install a wind turbine for a farm.

Renewables First has been hired to design, specify and project manage the installation of a wind turbine for a farm. Located in the uplands of Nottinghamshire, Baulker Farm is a large producer of chickens, with a high and expensive demand for electricity.

Having already obtained planning permission to install a 500 kW wind turbine, Baulker Farm approached Renewables First having become aware of our expertise and experience in designing and installing wind and hydropower systems.

The client’s motivation for installing a large wind turbine is two-fold. On the one hand, with their commercial activities demanding large amounts of electricity, there is a clear financial incentive to reduce their energy bills. Furthermore, the Feed-in-Tariff system, whereby producers of electricity  from renewable sources are rewarded a premium generating energy, makes the wind turbine a viable and shrewd financial move for Baulker Farm.

Another motivation relates to improving the environmental credentials of the foods they supply. In becoming a producer and consumer of electricity from a renewable resource – in this case the wind – the CO2 content of their products and business activities in general will be considerably reduced.

Renewables First will project manage the civil, mechanical and electrical engineering aspects of the project. This will involve the specification, design and installation of the 500 kW EWT turbine.


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