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Enercon E82 E3 3000 kW Wind Turbine

The Enercon E82 E3 3000 kW Wind Turbine

The Enercon E82 E3 3000 kW Wind Turbine

What is the Enercon E82 E3 3000 kW wind turbine most suitable for?

The Enercon E82 E3 3000 kW Wind Turbine is suitable for :

    • Windy sites
    • Medium /Large sites
    • On-site generation
    • Factories
    • Seaports
    • Farms
    • Government and Institutional Buildings
    • Community
    • Commercial and industrial sites

Enercon E82 E3 3000 kW Specification

Configuration Three blade, horizontal axis, upwind
Rated Power 3.000 kW at 16m/s
Rotor Speed 6 to 18 rpm
IEC 61400-1 Turbine Class IIA
Site Average Wind Speed 8.5 m/s
Survival Wind Speed 59.5 m/s
Rotor Diameter 82 m
Swept Area 5,281 m²
Blade Material GRP (Epoxy)
Power regulation Pitch controlled variable speed
Generator Type ENERCON direct drive synchronous ring generator
Configuration 3-Phase, 400V, 50Hz – 60Hz
Brake & Safety System
Main Brake System 3 independent pitch control systems with emergency power supply
Secondary System Rotor brake and Rotor lock (maintenance purposes)
Automatic Shutdown triggered by High wind speed, grid failure, over-speed, all other fault conditions
Control Systems User Interface ENERCON SCADA
Available Hub Heights 78 m, 85 m, 98 m, 108 m, 138 m
Tower Type Tubular steel tower
Period and type Up to 15 year standard service package
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Want to install a wind turbine?

If you are in the UK then take our Wind Site Self-Assessment - Step 1 of our modular Windpower Feasibility Study. It takes about 20 minutes to work through the basic checks to see if your site might be suitable, including:

  • Estimating wind speed
  • Checking proximity of nearby properties
  • Checking site access and approach roads
  • Investigating connection with the grid

If you are in the Republic of Ireland, or overseas, the first step is to consider our modular Windpower Feasibility Study, so please Contact us to discuss your site further.

Start the process here: Take the Wind Site Self-Assessment