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Wind Turbine Scale Assessment

Wind Turbine Scale Assessment

Wind Turbine Scale Assessment

The wind turbine Scale Assessment examines the physical constraints that will determine whether sufficient developable area is available on your property to install a wind turbine, which scale of turbine may be appropriate and the most appropriate location at this stage of development. Once this is determined, our expert planners will examine Local Authority policy plans, policies and nearby developments including a discussion with the Local Authority on the issues that may impact development of a wind turbine on your site. An initial assessment will be made on grid capacity for your wind turbine grid connection. This stage is necessary in order to determine whether it is worth proceeding to the next stage, Planning, Technical & Financial Feasibility Study.

Physical Constraints Mapping

It is surprising how little of an apparently large area is physically suitable for a wind turbine, which is why this is the essential first step in the wind feasibility study process.

This module uses GIS software to overlay a map on your site with the physical constraints that would prevent the installation of a wind turbine on your land. The constraints considered on the wind turbine physical constraints map include:

  • Footpaths
  • Roads
  • Woodlands and hedges
  • Residential and non-residential buildings
  • Residential amenity buffers
  • Noise buffers
  • Power lines
  • Watercourses
  • Other landscape features that will impact on turbine location

Once completed, a clear ‘developable area’ or several possible areas should be visible (assuming there is one) where wind turbines could be installed from a physical constraints point of view. The CM1 report provides the physical constraints map and a summary table which clearly shows the results and recommended next steps in the development process.

Planning Review

The planning review uses our in-house planners to review (up to) the nearest 3 planning applications for similarly sized wind turbines, which can be a mine of valuable information that is directly relevant for any new projects in the area. By reviewing the consultation responses it is possible to get a better feel for the local planning sensitivities and the likely scope for a new wind turbine planning application. Also included is a review of Local Planning Authority plans and policies which will also shed lights on local issues that may add additional risk to your project. Finally, our planners have a brief discussion with the Local Authority to further assess their position on wind turbine development in the proposed area.

Grid Capacity

Getting permission to connect your wind turbine to the electricity grid iss a key risk to any wind project. At this early stage we assess grid capacity constraints in your local area using the tools and information we have available from the Distributed Network Operator. We also contact the Distributed Network Operator to obtain initial feedback on grid capacity issues that may impact your project. It should be noted that the only certain way to determine capacity is to submit a formal grid application in order to obtain a grid connection agreement, however that is generally inappropriate at this early stage.

The cost of a Scale Assessment, for a single wind turbine, is £800. If you wish to proceed with this initial Scale Assessment please contact us here.

An overview of all the wind feasibility study modules can be found here.

Want to install a wind turbine?

If you are in the UK then take our Wind Site Self-Assessment - Step 1 of our modular Windpower Feasibility Study. It takes about 20 minutes to work through the basic checks to see if your site might be suitable, including:

  • Estimating wind speed
  • Checking proximity of nearby properties
  • Checking site access and approach roads
  • Investigating connection with the grid

If you are in the Republic of Ireland, or overseas, the first step is to consider our modular Windpower Feasibility Study, so please Contact us to discuss your site further.

Start the process here: Take the Wind Site Self-Assessment