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Could I install a wind turbine on a farm?

Yes, and many wind turbines are installed on working farms. Generally speaking, after installation, a wind turbine on a farm will have negligible impact on the day-to-day operation of the farm.

Assuming your site has a good average wind speed, a wind turbine (once planning consent is obtained) would prove to be a very worthwhile investment and provide additional income to your farm. If you would prefer to not invest your own capital we work with a number of investors who will lease sites in return of a percentage of the revenue from the wind turbine: this provides a zero-risk income stream which can be many tens-of-thousands of pounds a year. See our investment pages for more details.

To check whether your farm is suitable for a wind turbine see ‘what makes a good wind power site?’.


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Want to install a wind turbine?

If you are in the UK then take our Wind Site Self-Assessment - Step 1 of our modular Windpower Feasibility Study. It takes about 20 minutes to work through the basic checks to see if your site might be suitable, including:

  • Estimating wind speed
  • Checking proximity of nearby properties
  • Checking site access and approach roads
  • Investigating connection with the grid

If you are in the Republic of Ireland, or overseas, the first step is to consider our modular Windpower Feasibility Study, so please Contact us to discuss your site further.

Start the process here: Take the Wind Site Self-Assessment