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Wind Site Self Assessment (WSSA)

This Wind Site Self Assessment (WSSA) tool is the first stage of our modular Windpower Feasibility Study. The tool will guide you through the initial steps necessary in order to check the viability of your site for a wind turbine project.

The process takes about 20 minutes and consists of 11 steps in total that appear as you answer each question. If an answer you give suggests that the site is unsuitable, the form will terminate. This is a simplified initial assessment however, so there may still be options that could make it viable. If the assessment terminates please provide any further information that you think makes the site viable in the box provided.

The initial assessment will be followed up by a brief overview of your site by our experts to assess initial viability for one or more wind turbines, and whether we recommend progression to the next stage in the feasibility process – Scale Assessment. This includes a short discussion about your project goals, site available and key risks.The use of the tool is free, but we charge £50 + VAT for our Expert Overview of the information provided. Upon submission of the WSSA information you will be redirected to our web shop to complete payment of the fee which will initiate our initial expert assessment. You will receive a report and be contacted by one of our experts within 5 working days.

1 Find your property

  • 2 Mark the boundary

    Click the 'Draw Property Boundary' icon above, then repeatedly click the map along your boundary line until you close the loop.

  • 3 Check the wind speed

    Click the 'Check Windspeed' icon. The average windspeed at 45 metres will be shown in an overlay.

    Go to Step 4 below to see whether you have sufficient wind-speed on your site.

Add features to map at relevant question