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Case Study: Norvento nED 100 turbine at Pembrokeshire site

Case Study: Norvento nED 100 turbine at Pembrokeshire site
Renewables First - Norvento nED 100 turbine

Norvento nED 100 turbine.

Renewables First - Norvento nED 100 turbine

Norvento nED 100 turbine at Hillmoor Field, Pembrokeshire.

Year: 2015

Location: Pembrokeshire

Technology: Norvento nED 100 turbine

Output: 100 kW

Role: Site Finding / Feasibility / Planning


This single turbine development in Pembrokeshire involved Renewables First in each of the pre-installation phases, including site finding, project feasibility and the all important planning application. Norvento managed the process of installing the turbine.

The site was originally assessed for a 500 kW turbine, yet in the end the 100 kW option was pursued, as this was most suitable and matched an existing turbine in an adjacent field.

The installed turbine is a Norvento nED 100 turbine. The nED 100 turbine is a good-looking, high quality, durable, direct drive, variable-speed machine with an enviable record for reliability. The turbine hub height is 24.5 metres, with a blade tip height of 35.4 metres. The rotor diameter is 22 metres. With a mean hub height wind speed of 6.8 m/second, the 100 kW turbine is expected to generate 351,880 kilowatt-hours (kWh) per annum. To put this into context, this is equivalent to the amount of electricity consumed by approximately 95 average Welsh households.

The development brings roughly 32 square metres of an unused field into productive use by generating renewable energy to be distributed to the local population via the National Grid. The grid connection itself runs underground from the turbine to the boundary hedge (approximately 85 m), then via a new overhead run along the hedgeline for 340 m in a westerly direction to connect to the nearest existing overhead pylons.  The 5 new pylons comprise a single pole with a three-phase 11 kV line. There is also an underground cable linking the wind turbine to an on-site control cabinet.

The Norvento nED 100 turbine is an off-white colour in order to blend in with the colour of the sky which represents the background to the wind turbine in most views. The turbine is accessed via a new track approximately 3 m by 130 m, connecting the proposed wind turbine to the nearest public highway.

The turbine was installed and commissioned on 11th November 2015, within 3 ½ months of gaining planning consent on 29th July 2015.

Norvento nED 100 turbine - Renewables First

Commissioned Norvento nED 100 turbine.

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